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Jonathan Veyrunes "John John"


Born in Nîmes, France on 28 March 1983. 


I have lived in Andalusia, precisely in Seville, for more than 15 years. Where I came to live in order to pursue and practice my passion and profession. Bullfighting. 


I then started my photographic career in 2010, first using Lomography and later paralleled with digital photography. 


Drawing inspiration from the streets, everyday life and people, I have spent my time photographing those I see on my walks and travels. 


I began to use a blog to publish my photos, and quickly became coveted by several galleries to expose my works. 


Making several exhibitions mainly between France, Mexico and Spain, I finished second in the photographic competition of contemporary art for Fundacion NMAC. 


Very quickly I felt the need to intervene manually on my photographs. Which is when I decided to use my experience as a bullfighter to express how I feel in the arena, in front of the bull. 


I try to represent the noise, the movement, the caos that surrounds us at this moment. This is reflected by the many lines that intersect, and that create this aesthetic and geometric aspect that marry my photographs and manual work. 


I have receive a very positive opinion of this work, which allowed me to exhibit in Paris, London, Mexico, Seville, Malaga among others, thus selling my work all over the world. 


My life turns today between bullfighting, photography and painting, my three passions.

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