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Born in the south of France in 1983, I was immersed in the arts from an early age, my father in music and my mother in art.

For over 20 years, Andalusia has been the land of all my passions: first bullfighting, as a matador de toro, then photography and now painting.

I started out as a photographer in 2010, equipped with my film camera.

I drew my inspiration from everything around me and from the people I met on my travels. This led me to the awards........

I quickly got the urge to do something with my photos, to use them as a basis for sharing and transcribing my emotions. It was then that geometric lines and paint appeared on my work, representing the noise, movement and chaos that I experienced every time I entered an arena.

My work then evolved, becoming more precise every day, but also more diverse. As did my sources of inspiration, immersing myself more and more in the Andalusian culture that had become so familiar to me. The flamenco dancers of the Triana district, the cactus of the Tabernas desert, the azulejos, and still and always, the bullfight.

To this base have been added figures dear to my heart, such as the American Indians and portraits of Dali, Frida Khalo and .......

Today, I aspire to continue evolving my work, using new techniques, new designs and integrating more modern art forms such as graffiti, but also working on new surfaces, like my old bullfighter's capes.

My work has been exhibited all over the world, in the United States, Mexico and various European countries.

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